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Saudi Arabia:  A brief details about the country itself.  Please click the map to make it bigger and  to view the map location/places of Saudi Arabia.. Learn few things about their geography, people, government, economy, history and etc.

Kings of Saudi Arabia. Name of King, Years in Power. King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saud), 1932 - 1953. King Saud, son of King Abdul Aziz, 1953 - 1964 & others...Please click the icon for more info and details.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International: Saudi Arabia - summation of alleged human rights abuses within the country.

Women of Arabia - news, photos, and features providing insight into the world of Saudi women.

"JANADRIYAH"-A Great Saudi Festival in Riyadh.  A blend of tradition and modernity. (Special thanks to Mr. Bob Savage & Family)

View some of the beautiful places in Saudi Arabia including the past and the present years of the Kingdom.

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Newspapers from Saudi Arabia
 Saudi Gazette; Arab News;  Al Hayat; Al Sharq Al Awsat; Al Watan; Al Yaum; Al-Jazirah; Al-Madina,  etc. Here you can read the update news of Saudi Arabia and other international news.

Internationals School Group Offering outstanding education to expatriate students since 1963. (Please check also other school inquiries)

Other International Schools In Saudi Arabia

International School Inquiries (Note: If you have any information with regards to some other International Schools  here in Saudi Arabia,  please inform and e-mail us - Thank you.)

Major hotels in Saudi Arabia where you can get inquiries with regards to your bookings. This is a direct contact of the hotels where you wish to stay.

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Jeddah at Night





Taif Park


The Kaba

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